Fence Etiquette: Avoid Neighbor Disputes

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Advoid Neighbor Disputes


Obeserve Boundries: Don’t take the risk of having to tear out that fence by going as little as one inch over the property line. Take a look at your house line drawing or order a land survey! be on the safe side.

Respect Limits:  Height limits typically are 6′ for side and back yards 42′” for front yards, More restrictive rules often apply to corner lot’s, where blind curves can limit driving visibility. To advoid disputes review restrictions with your fence company before choosing a fence. You can also check with the city where you reside.

Follow HOA Rules: Fence companies are not responsible for knowing home owners assocations dos and don’ts: that is the buyers / home owners responsibility.


Be A Good Neighor: Share your plan with the neighbors before have your fence installed, if property lines are a issue  you will want to resolve them before you install your fence.

Maintain And Improve: It is your responsibility to clean and maintain both sides of the fence. If an aging section of the fence is leaning repair it or replace it.

Damage: If your neighbor is damaging your fence take photos and try to work it out with them first. If they don’t agree to repair the fence, you can take your dispute to small claims court. Remember this is a dispute between you and your neghbor, The fence company has no involvement in neighbor disputes.



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